Gergedan Müzik

Ekiti Sound

Spearheading a new wave of electronic music originating from Nigeria by way of London, musician/producer/vocalistLeke aka CHiF has been travelling back and forth between his two cities, Lagos and London, continually seeking ways to explore and push the musical envelope. After honing his skills with a variety of artists & productions on both continents, and working for a while as a sound designer in the Nollywood industry, CHiF has now pulled all his charms, experiences, fears and vulnerabilities into Ekiti Sound, an impressively eclectic project that speaks to today’s music heads, Afropunkers and global diaspora.

In Ekiti Sound’s own words :

Ife means the greatest love in Yoruba. The song weaves a traditional raspy vocal from Ekiti Sound collaborator Prince G. The deep sub bass energy rides on the signature heavy tribal drums and patterns of Ekiti Sound lifting into a ethereal breakdown melody that sticks in your head. The video (directed by Sam Campbell) was shot on location in Ikeja, Lagos. It features three traditional Nigerian dancers on a rooftop, with popping colours and infectious energy. The dancers rock hard with a natural charm celebrating the array of traditional dances from the Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa tribes. Love to all people. Ife.

Oba Oluwa is a traditional anecdote/parable that encourages all people to practice forgiveness. Every sinner can be a saint, and every saint can be a sinner. The spry summery hi-life guitars, skip atop the West African percussion driving the vocal by Prince G through curvy, moving synths speeding to a cosmic explosion with a nod to the soundtracks of spaghetti westerns.