Gergedan Müzik


Formerly operating as techno duo, Captain Fufanu, by adding more live instruments to their sound - the band name shortened to Fufanu - began working up a dark, psychedelicized take on 70s/ 80s European music inspired by Kraftwerk, early Simple Minds, Roxy Music and New Order.

“There was no certain moment when we realized that this was our sound. I think we just liked what we were doing and kept experimenting. From [last year’s Roskilde Festival] onward, the idea of a new sound for us was born — although leaving techno was not the outcome we imagined. It all happened really naturally.”

“The music world needs more maniacs; that much is for sure. Samuel Herring of FUTURE ISLANDS proved in 2014 that there’s a certain demand for charismatic front singers. Hrafnkell Kaktus could bet he next in line. The lead singer of Icelandic psychedelic rock outfit FUFANU unleashes its inner Ian Curtis from the moment his band members starts playing. The almost BAUHAUS-like dark wave intensity of these young fellas from the North was as lot as possible, it was desperate and angry while they also refused themselves to familiar song structures” 
Norman Fleisher/ Robert Helbig