Gergedan Müzik


MERLYN's story begins in 2005 when guitarist Emre and drummer Burak decided to form a band which was their dream since their high school years. Then bassist Armağan and lead singer Muratcan joined the band in 2006 and 2013 consecutively. MERLYN released their debut album in 2017, and during recording sessions the keyboard player Cem joined as the last member of the band.


The most important goal of the band, who had countless live performances and created a loyal group of listeners for themselves, is to present their works for those who miss the real Rock sound. MERLYN aims to reveal a style in which Rock music blends with its original interpretation by staying true to its core identity. Thus, they enjoy a great support by music lovers as they intend to confront against the deterioration of mainstream Rock music in Turkey over the past decade and bring the taste of old.


MERLYN, whose members are both a musician and a business person who carry out two works together, have continued their rehearsals and concerts with the logic of double time. The band hopes to continue producing music since they find the unifying and transformative mission of music fascinating. They consider the new single “DÖN DEME” as a second stop on their long journey.




Event Place Event date Tickets
MERLYN Peyote, Nevizade 23 May 2019
Merlyn - Datça Tiyatro Festivali Datça, Muğla 29 Jun 2019 Buy
Merlyn Karga Bar, Kadıköy 26 Jul 2019
Merlyn Karga Bar, Kadıköy 26 Jul 2019