Gergedan Müzik


Welcome to the dual natures that exist within the SKIP&DIE universe; filled with cosmic psychedelia, metamorphic body shaking, socio-political undertones and an infinite opposition to the status quo. Their debut album “Riots in the Jungle” was recorded on a transdisciplinary trip through  South Africa (lead singer Cata.Pirata’s homeland) and then finalized in the electronic valhalla of Amsterdam. The group consists of Jori Collignon on keys and FX, artist & vocalist Catarina Aimée Dahms aka Cata.Pirata, Gino Bombrini on percussion/guitar and Daniel Rose on sitar/guitar/saz. Genre-blending dub with digital cumbia, kwaito with ghettotech rap, punk with baile funk and afrofuturistic beats, SKIP&DIE’s live show is set to start a riot in any (urban) jungle. 

More about SKIP&DIE

United by their love for Tropical and Global Bass music, hip-hop, electronica and a broad spectrum of sounds from all over the planet, Catarina and Jori started writing songs and playing shows together in 2010. Catarina was born and raised in South Africa, and started moving around as a teenager, following her social activist filmmaker parents. She's lived in the Azores, the Netherlands, Ibiza and later also in Argentina and in the UK (where she completed her studies in visual and performance arts), learning to speak several new languages along the way. She then settled in Amsterdam, where she developed multiple creative activities, working as a visual artist, an editor-in-chief (for youth-literature mag Spunk), curator… until her passion for music eventually prevailed: she dived headlong into songwriting & performing and started developing her own unique style. 

As for Jori, he started out in music as a kid, learning to play jazz standards on his dad's electric piano every morning before going to school… He switched to electronics after being inspired by The Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, Daft Punk and many more, and honed his skills as a musician playing with successful Dutch bands such as C-Mon&Kypski and Nobody Beats The Drum. Over the years, he's developed into an exceptionally gifted arranger and producer.
After an initial string of explosive shows and the release of a limited-edition single on a small Dutch label, garnering SKIP&DIE a devoted following, the pair set out to record a full-length album. Catarina – who has never lost touch with her homeland, where she often makes extended stays – wanted to write and record basic tracks in South Africa. After extensive research, she reached out to a series of young, up-and-coming musicians she wished to collaborate with: rappers, rockers, electronic and traditional artists. SKIP&DIE soon embarked on an road trip in the regions of Capetown, Johannesburg & more, spending a couple of days with each of those collaborators, on their own turf, in order to write/record a track with them.