Gergedan Müzik


“Listening to music should make being alive better” is the philosophy that Luke Pretty, aka Tennyson has crafted his upcoming EP around. Luke has been touring and making music since he was in his teens, and with his new project comes a new artistic maturity. Cohesive sounds and the feeling of sweet loneliness are woven throughout, with a balance of his style of micro-editing/chord voicing, and accessibility. 

Visual concepts were developed in collaboration with visual artist Waneella. It was important to Tennyson that the visual themes truly captured the unconscious beauty in the world.  “I don’t know how to describe it,” says Luke, “it’s in every plant growing through the sidewalk, the pylons, road paint, grocery stores. Waneella’s work captures this beauty and exaggerates just enough so that it matches the memory of being there and not the iPhone photo you took.”