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Yasmine Hamdan

Yasmine became known with Soapkills, the duo she founded in Beirut, which must have been the first indie/electronic band to appear in the Middle East. The music of Soapkills quickly became the soundtrack to the vibrant, young arts scene which developed in postwar Lebanon, the band gradually acquired an emblematic status and, to this day, Yasmine is considered as an undergound icon throughout the Arab world.

Yasmine moved to Paris a few years ago, and started working with Mirwais (who was part of French electronic new wave band Taxi Girl in the 80s, and produced/co-wrote Madonna's "Music" as well as the "American Life" album). Under the Y.A.S. moniker, Yasmine and Mirwais recorded the "Arabology" album, which came out in 2009. 
After collaborating with CocoRosie for a while, Yasmine teamed up with Nouvelle Vague mastermind Marc Collin to create her mesmerizing, self-titled debut album "Ya Nass" (2013), which got tremendous attentions in Europe, North America and the Middle East. From televised news shows to glamourous magazines, a spectacularly broad spectrum of media have fallen in love with her moving voice, seductive personality and outspoken stance.

Yasmine appears in the Jim Jarmusch's "Only Lovers Left Alive" in which she's featured singing, onscreen, in one of the film's most memorable scenes. Yasmine's tracks have repeatedly been used in films, sometimes with unexpected consequences: she met her husband, brilliant Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman, after he used two Soapkills tracks in his award-winning movie "Divine Intervention"… 

While Yasmine's vocals are definitely connected to traditions of Arabic music (to which she takes an unconventional and fresh approach), the structures and arrangements of the songs are very remote from its codes, and take in elements from contemporary Western electronic, pop and folk music.

Her unique vision is fully realized in her second solo album, entitled Al Jamilat ('The Beautiful Ones'), due out in March 2017.




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