Gergedan Müzik


YėY is a live performance group that presents Deep House songs to the audience using electro-binding, vocal and percussion instruments.

Blending many things while making songs, YėY records the wave sound in nature or any organic sound with the mobile device and creates new synths from these sounds and converts them into unusual sounds with the special effects it uses as the basis of the parts on the stage.The traditional instruments of Turkish music, baglama and whistle, kanjira, which we know from Indian music and darbuka and tambourine which are also prominent in the Middle East and Mediterranean music, are not fully authentic, but the House integrates these instruments into the literature.

YėY, who started and continued his music and stage journey in Mannheim, Germany, presents himself with 15 songs produced in his live performances.In 2016, the producer and vocalist David König came together with baglama and wind instrument instrumentalist Uğur Köse and percussionist Santino Scavelli 2 years ago. In May 2018, the group introduced three different versions of the first single, which was called "RIVER", to the audience. YėY, who was not content with this, shared the different versions of his second single "FALLING" with his followers in July this year.


In December 2018, the group released their third single"CLOSER" under the label of Xgergedan with 3 different version of song.