Gergedan Müzik

Zap Mama

"Discovered" by Crammed in 1990, the Afro-Belgian acapella band conquered the world with their joyful mix of Pygmy music, human beatbox sounds, Central African or Arabic pop tunes,  ragamuffin under Congolese influence, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and a touch of Soul or Gospel.

The beauty and freshness of their vocal harmonies, their entertaining, humorous & energetic stage show have generated tremendous enthousiasm all around Europe and the USA  (where their debut LP was the second best-selling World Music album of 93, according to Billboard).

Zap Mama released their second album "Sabsylma" on Crammed in 1994.

The original group disbanded in 1996, and founder/leader Marie Daulne formed a new band which moved away from the all-acapella format.