Gergedan Müzik


French musician/composer Zelwer's lovely 1990 album "La Fiancée aux Yeux de Bois" was one of Crammed's first forays into (imaginary) Gypsyland. An  imaginary, stylized vision of old-time village life in Eastern Europe, a bit like a Chagall painting revisited by a minimalist, it contained music composed for a dance piece by choreographer Karine Saporta.

Zelwer went on to form a band (Kumpania Zelwer), and extended the scope of his sonic world  to traditional Asian music, Italian bel canto & manhy more elements, always reworked in a charming fashion. This is all reflected in his second release, "The Gods Are Angry", again a series of pieces composed for dance performance, this time by Francesca Lattuada (who also sings on the album).