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Direc-t is back with its new album "Dor-t"

Direc-t, as being one of the most original bands of the Turkish Rock Music, is back with its new album that is gonna be released with GRGDN Music label!

With its members Bilge Kosebalaban (Vocal-Guitar),Ozgur  Pestimalci(Drum), Alex Tintaru (Bas Guitar); Direc-T is looking forward to meet the music lovers by their new album "DOR-T" composed of 12 tracks.

 Its 'Sen Bana, Ben Sana'' single that had been shared on the internet also takes place in this album where the Band blend their love for various genres of music inside. Music of all tracks of the album was conducted by Bilge Kosebalaban, Ozgur Pestimalci and Alex Tintaru. In addition, most of the  lyrics was written by the soloist of the band Bilge Kosebalaban ; 'Nerede?' and 'Ah!' written by the drummer of the band Ozgur Pestimalci while Ozgur and Bilge are the joint writers of  the hit song 'Op!'.

The 'DOR-T' album which is soon gonna take place in music markets in plaque format, will be the first album that most of it conducted offhandedly by the band members together.  Direc-t is looking forward to meet its fans and  is going to be at Salon IKSV stage on 13th December for its launch concert.

The album is on pre-order since 1st December  and  the 'Op!' track is available to be listened on Apple Music and to be download on iTunes throughout the pre-order duration.On 8th December the whole album will be available  on Apple Music and iTunes for the first time  then on 15th December on all digital music services.


1) Öp!

2) Sebebi Sendin

3) Buraya Ben Çile Çekmek İçin Mi Gelmişim?

4) Aşığım Ben Sana

5) Sen Bana, Ben Sana

6) Ah!

7) Muallak

8) The End

9) Nerede?

10) Şampiyon

11) Selami Nerede?

12) Pazar

Direc-t will be performing at Salon IKSV on December 13th, for the launch of their new album "Dör-t". Tickets are on sale on Biletix!

About Direc-t;

Direc-t released  "Rus Kozmonotlari" (2004), "Olympos" (2005), "Son Ağaç" (2011) albums.The band took place in a collective Turkish songs album released in Russia with "Ama Sen Varsin".  Moreover,  with  " 20 Ways" and "Birileri Durun Dedi" they took place in collective two albums "Have You Heard 2" and "Have You Heard 3" released in Australia.

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