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Onyx Collective Space-Wars (feat. Sporting Life)

“Travel light and prepare for flight. Leave all baggage that is NOT essential where you feel it is most safe”.

Following the release of their recent album “Lower East Suite Part Three”, Onyx Collective announce the release of ‘Space-Wars (feat. Sporting Life)’, out today on Big Dada.

The track is built around the original recorded parts of a free form session at the Know Wave headquarters in 2016 - where much of the band’s early material was recorded - with Austin Williamson on drums, Paul Johnson on bass and Isaiah Barr on saxophone. “Sport who is our friend and collaborator from the days we would play with Ratking, added his sonic flavor to the mix.” explains Isaiah, the result "is a vintage soundtrack to a video game such as Space Wars!”

Released in June 2018, “Lower East Suite Part Three” was the band’s first full length release on Big Dada, following two EP’s, “Lower East Suite Part One” and “…Part Two”, and a vinyl-only collection of live recordings released via Supreme and Know Wave on 2016. A steadfast part of New York, the group are known for their impromptu performances in both rugged DIY spaces and esteemed clubs alike - their first two shows in the UK were a Boiler Room performance at a warehouse space in East London, and The Late Late Show at Ronnie Scotts - both in the same night. The album received high praise from the likes of Pitchfork, Crack Magazine and The Guardian, with Gilles Peterson inviting them down to his Brownswood Basement for a live session, and a regular slot on NTS which included swathes of unreleased Onyx Collective music.

Listen to ‘Space-Wars (feat. Sporting Life)’ now, released today on Big Dada.

Praise for “Lower East Suite Part Three”:

“known for their itching curiosity, radical eagerness, and unconventional methods... Lower East Suite Part Three is the sound of the musicians digging their heels in to pivot” - Pitchfork

"Onyx Collective embodies jazz's dynamic energy for a new generation." - i-D

"Onyx Collective captured a youthful spirit with their debut LP Lower East Suite Part Three...a mix of atmospheric, experimental and occasionally frenzied jazz" - Crack

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