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Oscar and the Wolf's New Track "Runaway"

Following the announcement of his imminent second album Infinity on 29th September,
Oscar And The Wolf is pleased to share a new track "Runaway" today.

Oscar And The Wolf aka Max Columbie created and wrote much of the album at home in Brussels after a year of intense-self exploration following the release and consequent touring and expectation of their debut album Entity in 2015.

The album’s content explores Columbie’s psyche from a personal perspective whilst taking influences from his love of film and TV.  Produced by Belgian techno wizard One Track Brain, the idea behind the new track lifted from the album, as Columbie explains, “Is  that everything that you desire can ultimately lead to your destruction. Initially bringing the light of affection and devotion, but settling into a sudden unquenchable craving, resulting to ultimate surrender in chaos. Conflict is what feeds life, so light and dark will always need each other, the unbalance however is a treacherous path.”

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