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Minimal Violence

Recorded in the Autumn of 2017 at their studio in Vancouver's Deep Blue; “MVX / U41A” is the first new music from Minimal Violence to be released on Ninja Tune’s Technicolor imprint and the first to be recorded outside their usual home production space. "It feels like that separation has had a distinct impact on how we write,” say the duo "The division of time spent in the studio tracking in ideas vs time spent at home refining those ideas lent to a new workflow.” The result is a record that intends to reduce pop music to its emotive qualities and apply that abstract nostalgia back into dance tracks.

"MVX is really a back to the basics track in terms of gear” they explain, "The Juno 60 and 606 are both heavily featured which are the first two pieces we owned. MVX is sustained by a three note melody running through in an attempt to create a lingering ear worm in the listener."

"U41A was the result of playing around with running simultaneous layers of sequences into the JV1080 while shifting through presets. The result was a single synth pass, which creates the illusion of multiple layers. U41A takes on a minimalist approach to pop structures mimicking the traditional chorus/verse pattern."

Formed in 2015 the duo, consisting of Ashlee Luk and Lida P, have a string of releases to date with labels such as Lobster Theremin, 1080p and Jungle Gym Records. They also make up two parts of Sacred Sound Club, an artist collective, label and event series focused on shifting the narrative of the Vancouver music scene towards its heavier more experimental community, intrinsically linked to the punk roots of the city’s underground club culture. Their penchant for the heavier and more aggressive side of dance music is most evident in its infiltration of the duo’s often raw and disorientating live set. Drawing on Luk’s years of experience playing in punk bands, they combine hardware sequencers, drum machines and synths, to weave together acid tinged compositions that derive inspiration from early electronic and minimal synth through to heavier UK rave and hardcore.

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