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Cartel is a rap music group founded in 1995 by the united Turks of Germany. This group is formed by the merger of three different rap groups in Germany. The group's first album which is Cartel after immense interest in Europe, published in Turkey.

So far as the first and only rap group Inonu Stadium in Turkey gave a concert in history.Although Cartel is known as the most successful Turkish rap group, the songs sung in different languages ​​such as Turkish, German, English and Spanish. Group sells 543 000 tapes in Turkey also became the best selling rap album in history as Turkish.

The legendary group CARTEL, who started the Turkish rap, returned like a bomb after 15 years with new album "Bugünkü Neşen Cartel'den!"

The famous music producer Haluk Kurosman (maNga, emreaydın, Gripin, Eighty-four) bears the signature. The album is a musical appeal to everyone, far beyond the traditional Turkish Rap in recent years.Already CARTEL years ago when it first came out just rap / hip-hop group detected as seventy-seven and had been owned by all of Turkey. "Bir Oluruz", the song released by CARTEL based on the chorus of Tarkan's unforgettable song for our football national team, is the release song of the album.The album includes Ferman Akgül from maNga in one song as a guest vocal and Efsun, who has just released his second album in a song.


Group Members

  • Alper Ağa 

  • Erci-E

  • Kabus Kerim

  • M.Ali

  • Ichi Baba

  • Ole Peter


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