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emre aydın


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emreaydın was born on February 2, 1981 in Isparta, Turkey. In 2002, the group which is named 6. Cadde,  won a composition competition as known as "Sing Your Song" through 1574 candidates with song, "Dönersen".

In 2006, he released his first solo album “Afili Yalnızlı", which belongs himself all the lyrics and music, with the exception of the cover of Hareket Vakti, via (GRGDN Music / Sony Music).The album, in which he deals with the theme of loneliness, has received great acclaim for both performance and striking lyrics.Close to 50 such as "Best Rock Artist of the Year", "Best Releasing Artist of the Year", "Best Song of the Year", "Best Album of the Year", "Best Video of the Year" received an award.

He met with his audience with nearly 400 concerts. He won "Best Artist in Europe" award, leaving everyone behind in the final in Liverpool after MTV Europe Music Awards held every year by 2008 (EMA) in the first "Turkey's Best Artist" .


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