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Founded in 1999 in Istanbul, Gripin formed the staff that brought Gripin professionally to the music industry in January 2001. 

The band performed at the Bronx bar between 2000 and 2004 until their first album “Hikayeler Anlatıldı" was released. In 2003, the band started composing on the occasion of Tuborg Modern Rock Festival. After this festival they participated with Cake, Wayne Hussey, Shed 7 and gripin released his first album in April 2004 produced by Haluk Kurosman.

First year after "Hikayeler Anlatıldı" has released, Gripin released "Hikayeler Anlatıldı" which is including new songs with live and acoustic recordings. They traveled to 21 provinces with Roko Fest. They then released their album “gripin" in 2007.  They have got numerous awards, "Golden Butterfly Best Group of the Year", "Powertürk Music Awards," "2008 Best Song Award" and more. In addition to this they made 3 Turkey tour and many more concerts. After this album, in March 2008, a Muzeyyen Senar classic "Dalgalandım Da Duruldum '' song was added to the album.

Group Members

Birol Namoğlu : Vocal
Murat Başdoğan : Guitar
İlker Baliç : Drum
Arda İnceoğlu : Bass & Keyboard


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