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In Hoodies


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In Hoodies is the moniker of Turkish indie artist Murat Kılıkçıer. Performing with Turkey’s prominent musicians, In Hoodies is known for his rich melodies, intricate lyrics, both intimate and cathartic live shows and his way of involving different art forms to music.


Apart from two solo London shows the live band has played at some of Turkey’s finest music venues and festivals such as Salon IKSV, Babylon, Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival (opening for Brazzaville), Istanbul Jazz Festival, MIX Festival (Zorlu PSM), Kontra Record Store (at International Record Store Day Event), Soho House Istanbul and reached a wide audience.


Debut Album - A Lunar Manoeuvre (2016)

“A Lunar Manoeuvre” was released in Turkey in 2016 and reviewed as one of the best albums of 2016 by many music blogs, music writers and newspapers. The album was produced by Brit Award winner Chris Potter.

A Lunar Manoeuvre was released on vinyl in the UK in 2017 by Curious Fox Records and included in Rough Trade catalogue.


Remix/reworks Album: Straight From The Medulla (2017)

A remix/reworks album called “Straight From The Medulla” was released in 2017 by Partapart Records. The album features remixes by Chris Potter and Turkish electronic music producers such as Da Poet, Astrofella, Mind Shifter, Ethnique Punch, Gabriel EA Clark and SUHA.


Circling The Cage EP (2018)

In Hoodies released a four song EP in March 2018. Compared to the debut, the EP has a darker and raw sound.


Coo Coo – Single (2018)

Coo Coo was released via specially designed paper bags, containing a QR code to the song and a link to artworks (videos, gifs, illustrations, texts, photographs) created by 20 artists. The song itself and all the visual material created around it have a sense of impending disaster.

The official video of Coo Coo features footage related to slavery, manufacture of consent as well as historical moments and symbols of riot and denial.

Remixes by Tim Wills, İskeletor and VIIA followed the single.


Second Album “Recalibrated Expectations”

In Hoodies released his second LP “Recalibrated Expectations” in 2019 (GRGDN, Xgergedan). The album features Yasemin Özler, Feryin Kaya, Todd Gibson, Berke Can Özcan, Tunç Çakır, Berkan Tilavel, Burak Irmak, Si Connelly and Mahmut Albulak. String arrangements and programming is done by Tim Wills (co-writer and producer of Ian Brown).

The album is mixed by Chris Potter. Mastering is done at Metropolis Mastering, by John Davis.

The main themes in the album are; losing the feeling of belonging, losing one’s home, longing for home, migrating, asylum, being a refugee, trying to adapt to a new place, alienation.


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