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Yigzi is a vocalist and songwriter at the crossroads of pop/R&B and Turkish music.


This signature fusion is perhaps expected from the artist, who was born and raised in Turkey but exposed to the English-speaking world at a young age. Spending three years of his childhood in Vancouver, Yigzi then lived in London during his stint in college, now splitting his time between Los Angeles and Istanbul. Throughout this nomadic life, music was a running theme. Starting on the piano at six years old, Yigzi switched to the guitar and took up singing as a teenager, fronting local bands in his home country and later in London. Eventually, he embraced a solo path with songs in both English and Turkish – and grittier lyrics.


Since then, Yigzi has released an electrifying debut EP, “Loneliest of Times” and singles “I Be In It”, “Sabırlı da Oldum” and “Post Up”. He’s also performed at various UCLA events, as well as at one of A Mighty Lamb’s prestigious Breaking Sound showcases. Most recently, he’s released a second single in Turkish, “Yanımda Yoksun”, through GRGDN Music.


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