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Mtv Award winning, Eurovision second alternative Turkish Rock band maNga was founded in 2001 in Ankara. During the period they played in bars, they became one of the composer groups that broke the audience's habit of listening to cover and started to make their names underground in other provinces.

With a music contest broadcast live on television in 2002, they drew the attention of the whole of Turkey. The group moved to Istanbul in 2003 with a sudden decision on the album offerings and released their first album in 2004.The album, which bears the name of the band, has become one of the best-selling rock albums of all time and brought countless awards including gold record award. Together with the Spa, the animated characters made the most successful animation clip ever in the history of television. Hit songs “Bir Kadın Çizeceksin” have been at the top of the charts for months by making their name mentioned in all the main news.Then they began receiving offers from abroad, the group that is touring Turkey. 

Following the interim studies of maNga + in 2005, 2006 was the year in which maNga began to create audiences abroad. After taking part in FIFA 06 official soundtrack album with “Bir Kadın Çizeceksin“, they were invited to Sziget, one of the biggest open air festivals in the world, and became the first Turkish artist to perform.

After long years of touring, the band entered the studio and released their album “Şehr-i Hüzün“ in 2009, which will later become classic. MaNga, which was followed by Mtv music awards after the successive hits, attracted the attention of the world music industry once again. The group was invited to Sony Denmark Copenhagen and signed a single deal. They gave an unforgettable concert at Tivoli Park, another important European concert venue. Their worldwide “Fly to Stay Alive” tracks have been featured in Mtv Adria and Mtv UK. At that time, again by signing a first, they managed to become one of the rare groups with computer games around the world. With the game Zombirock, each group member modeled and appeared in the game world in the virtual world.

In 2010, Turkey has decided to participate in the Eurovision with maNga. In Oslo, with "We Could Be The Same" song  not only send a message of unity and togetherness to the whole world, Turkey were signed at one of history's most important global success and became the second.Then for a long time, they continued to give concerts in Turkey and the world. After this intense concert traffic from Serbia to China, they expanded their fame by receiving invitations from the biggest American festivals such as SXSW and CMJ. In 2012, the group released their album, called "e-akustik".

Group Members

Ferman Akgül (Vocal)
Yağmur Sarıgül (Electro Guitar)
Cem Bahtiyar (Bass Guitar)
Özgür Can Öney (Drum)


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