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The electronic live act YėY combines the dance ability and night life of club culture with exceptional mediterranean instruments. With roots in the genre melodic house & techno and a significant pop appeal the emerging music sounds new and familiar at the same time and it takes the listener into a warm and oriental world of sound. The anagram YėY is a wordre-creation. Independent of culture, origin and language: The expression YėY sounds cosmopolitan and open. The point on the ė stands for the special touch, the musical spice, the  lovely unknown in the sound of  the duo. YėY is also tolerance and courage. The courage to dare something new together: a fusion of traditional instruments with modern, western house music into a unique and international experience. It all started when producer and singer David König saw Istanbul -born E-Bağlama player Uğur Köse on stage in early 2017. While the concert was still in progress, he had the idea of merging these traditional sounds with electronic music. After the concert, he approached Uğur Köse, who at that time-only a few weeks in  Germany-could barely speak or understand a word of German. At the word‚ techno ‘however, his eyes began to light right up and it did not take long to find a musical language. In the following months, a common vision crystallized more and more during numerous sessions. In search of sounds and inspirations for new songs, the two artists use a mobile recording device whose recorded field recordings form the basis for new tracks and directly incorporate a piece of‚ real world ‘into the productions. Recordings from travels and stays in different cities and regions are included, but also field recordings from Mannheim-the duo's common adopted home. The Unesco City of Music with its multicultural patch plays a not insignificant role for the unmistakable YėY sound. And last but not least, the intercultural musical threads come together here in their own studio. After concerts in metropolises like Istanbul, Berlin and Riyadh, it turned out that a YėY concert works just as well in a night club as in a museum. This range is a stounding, but once again under scores how the duo brings together the most diverse things on all levels. Live, the hybrid interplay of electronics and multicultural acoustics convinces with an energetic and rousing show. YėY knows no boundaries: Sometimes its music sounds dreamy like a windless sea on a balmy summer evening and sometimes as pulsating as a big city in a boozy night.


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